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"We use Percy Hawkins
 products for five very
 good reasons; they've
 never let us down,
 their service is
 excellent, their product
 is excellent, their
 pricing is excellent
 and we just can't
 fault them!
 Add to that the fact
 that they are still a
 family run company,
 which we like,and
 you can see why
 we'll happily
 recommend them
 to anyone"
Mark Malpass 
 Cannock Chemicals

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Quality Aluminium Wire, Alloy Wire and Copper Wire Delivered Since 1879

When Percy Hawkins and Son was founded in 1879 things were very different, all the aluminium and alloy wire produced was drawn by hand through machines similar to old spinning wheels, it was very slow, very dirty and very laborious work.

Today things have changed a lot. The mix of machines used to manufacture high quality aluminium and alloy wire today at Percy Alloy wire being drawnHawkins and Son include a mixture of modern, high tech, virtually unique, precision balanced equipment as well as sixty year old cast iron vintage specials that haven’t put a foot wrong since they were first installed. 

Some of these machines may be old but they are still the best way to draw certain grades of wire to this very day.

Of course, the highly technical specialist machines are superb and very accurate and there are a whole mixture of other wire drawing machines in between.

To find out more call us now on 01536 523229 or contact us online.

The Real Secret to Drawing Great Aluminium and Alloy Wire

The real secret to drawing good aluminium wire is understanding, and being able to manipulate, the process, understanding metallurgy and having the ability to optimise the machines to perform at their best.

Using the most suitable grades of wire rod to begin with annealing them at the right temperature, drawing them at the correct speeds, and with the right degree of tension, can make all the difference between good wire and first quality wire.

Copper wire woven into a dressTo us, aluminium and alloy wire might seem to be ‘just what we manufacture’, but we never fail to be amazed at where it can end up.

Our alloy wire was used on the space station to generate energy from the earths magnetic field, it holds up hundreds and hundreds of miles of fibre optic communication cables on power pylons all across the country, and heat exchangers in some of the finest cars in the world use our aluminium wire and

It's even used for military applications to name but a few things ... our copper wire was once even used to create a wire dress!

So, whatever you need aluminium or alloy wire for we can help. Even if you're not sure if it'll work yet our Research and Development department can help you to ensure you get the right wire to do the job. 

Whatever you need, call us on 01536 523229 or contact us online to discuss how we can help you.

Percy Hawkins & Son Limited, Carey Street, Kettering, Northants, NN16 0JL
Tel: 01536 523229 Fax: 01536 484829