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"We use Percy Hawkins
 products for five very
 good reasons; they've
 never let us down,
 their service is
 excellent, their product
 is excellent, their
 pricing is excellent
 and we just can't
 fault them!
 Add to that the fact
 that they are still a
 family run company,
 which we like,and
 you can see why
 we'll happily
 recommend them
 to anyone"
Mark Malpass 
 Cannock Chemicals

 Interesting facts about wire...

 Innovation and prototyping...


Different Wire Grades

alloy wire supports optical fibre on pylons

Grade Specifications


Aluminium is one of the most naturally abundant of metallic elements and is second only to steel in its usage globally.


The most outstanding physical property of aluminium wire is its low density, it’s almost three times lighter than steel which makes it very useful where weight saving is needed, such as in aircraft, motor vehicles, to carry optical fibre across electricity pylons etc.


As it is corrosion resistant it is an extremely versatile wire. 

 All grades of alloy wire

The most common grades we supply to industry include 1070, 1050, 6101, 5019 (5056), 5154 and 8176 EEE type aluminium wire…


However, we can supply virtually every grade and type of round aluminium wire you need (dependent upon quantity) from 9.5mm down to 0.15mm.

We can even supply all these sizes in heat treated, annealed or intermediate tensiles, which means your wire can be as hard or as soft as you need it to be.


So, call us on 01536 523229 or contact us online to discuss what you need and how we can help you to achieve your objectives.

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