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"We use Percy Hawkins
 products for five very
 good reasons; they've
 never let us down,
 their service is
 excellent, their product
 is excellent, their
 pricing is excellent
 and we just can't
 fault them!
 Add to that the fact
 that they are still a
 family run company,
 which we like,and
 you can see why
 we'll happily
 recommend them
 to anyone"
Mark Malpass 
 Cannock Chemicals

 Interesting facts about wire...

 Innovation and prototyping...


A Few Facts About Wire

Drawn wire is the process of gradually stretching wire of a specific gauge to the size you need. It can involve heat treating, or annealing, and drawing from larger to smaller spools at a consistent speed.

Large reel of alloy wire ready to be drawn

Some interesting, but little known, facts about drawn wire…

1 metre of 9.5mm aluminium rod drawn down to 2mm will be 22.5 metres long.

1 metre of 9.5mm aluminium rod drawn down to 1mm will be 90 metres long.

1 metre of 9.5mm aluminium rod drawn down to 0.15mm will be 4 kilometres long.

To put that into perspective, 1000 metres of 9.5mm wire rod, weighing 191.5 kgs, drawn down to 0.15mm will circumnavigate the globe.        

The melting point of pure aluminium is 660.25 degrees centigrade, however when you add other elements to create an alloy some will reduce the temperature by approximately 5 degrees.

On a world-wide average 4 to 5 tonnes of bauxite are needed to produce two tonnes of alumina, from which one tonne of aluminium can be produced.

In Europe, usually the average bauxite consumption is 4.1 tonnes per tonne of aluminium.

If you have any questions about aluminium wire and how it's made, please call us on 01536 523229 or contact us online.

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